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Why visit our dentist in Waterlooville

Patients don’t realise until it is too late the vital importance of regular trips to our dentist in Waterlooville. At Cowplain Dental Practice, our dental practitioners take great pains to educate patients about their oral health and how looking after dental hygiene can help protect overall physical health.

The body may comprise different parts and systems, but all are interconnected to work in seamless harmony. No part stands on its own, least of all the mouth cavity.

In fact, the rest of the body is highly dependent on the mouth to provide the nutrition the body needs to function and thrive. It stands to reason then that when there is a problem in the mouth and oral health or function is obstructed, there will be negative consequences for the body.

Oral health cannot be left to chance. It takes the determined efforts of the patients along with professional dental care services to ensure the teeth and gums remain clean and healthy. In this post, we take a look at some of the known and surprising benefits of sticking to scheduled dental checkup appointments with our dentist in Waterlooville.

Benefits of going to our dentist in Waterlooville

Dental checkups are necessary for our dentists to examine our patients’ teeth and gums, paying attention to any signs that indicate a threat to oral health. It may seem so to the patient, but dental problems do not arise overnight; it takes months of poor oral hygiene for plaque to erode the enamel and form cavities. Regular oral checks will allow our dentist to spot signs of cavities and take remedial action to prevent the cavities from growing to the point that the entire tooth is lost to decay and cannot be saved.

Professional oral health checks help to protect one’s smile and, to a greater extent, one’s confidence. The foundations of a pleasing smile require teeth and gums to be disease-free and healthy, and going to the dentist regularly helps keep them that way.

How well dental health benefits physical health is perhaps the most surprising to patients. Yes, proper mouth function helps feed the body, but there is another benefit too; the body relies on optimal dental health. Good oral hygiene is an advantage to the body as much as it is to teeth and gums.

Good oral hygiene keeps the presence of bad oral bacteria under control. It is when bad bacteria are allowed to surpass good bacteria that problems arise. In the mouth, bad bacteria can cause several undesirable problems such as halitosis, cavities, tooth loss and gum disease.

But these are not the only threats to be concerned about. The bad bacteria that cause gum disease add another layer of danger to the body this time. These dangerous pathogens can enter the bloodstream and make their way into blood vessels in the cardiovascular system, leading to strokes and heart attacks.

Scheduled dental checkups are the sure-fire way to keep the mouth clean and problem-free. The more regular these visits are, the less likely a patient is to experience a dental emergency. To have your teeth and gums professionally examined or to learn more about the role of good oral health in protecting the body, arrange for a consultation with our friendly dentist at Cowplain Dental Practice by contacting our front desk.


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