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Why dental checkups with our dentist in Waterlooville should be a priority

It is more likely for patients to admit to seeing a dentist in Waterlooville to treat a dental problem than seek preventive care, yet preventive dentistry measures are devoted to avoiding the undesirable consequences that are a result of poor dental health.

Our friendly dentist, at Cowplain Dental Practice, does not only focus on treating problems when they arise but can carry out in-depth physical examinations of the mouth to identify troubling signs that point to a developing problem.

One of the main aims of routine checkups with our dentist in Waterlooville is to look for these problematic signs that are not always recognisable by the patient. We always rely on trained and experienced eyes to really know what to look out for.

The biggest advantage of identifying dental red flags early is that this allows our dental practitioner to put preventive measures in place, aimed at stopping the progression of the problem. Patients should know that preventive measures can save them money (dental care for major problems carry a heavy price tag) and precious time from having to attend numerous appointments.

Along with identifying problems and implementing preventive dentistry, there are plenty more reasons to put routine dental checkups on your calendar. Here are a few of our favourite reasons why we love seeing our patients for regular dental appointments.

The role of dental checkups

During a dental checkup, our dentist in Waterlooville will make a few essential checks to ascertain the condition of your dental health. In addition to this, the appointment is also a wonderful time for patients to have their questions and dental-related concerns addressed properly.

Assess tooth and gum health

The experienced eyes of our dental practitioner can identify concerning signs that point to a problem with gums or enamel erosion. In their early stages, these problems can be easily treated with relatively quicker treatment plans compared to when they are in more advanced stages (not to mention more affordable to treat too).

Check for oral cancer

Oral cancer is another dreaded disease that can be mostly identified when visiting the dentist. A patient may not know what symptoms to look out for but our trained dental professional can zero in on the signs quite quickly.

Get a professional deep dental cleaning

Despite brushing and flossing at home as recommended, many patients can become frustrated to find that plaque and tartar have crept in to threaten the health of their teeth and gums. Daily cleaning of the mouth at home is the first level of oral hygiene, and, whilst extremely beneficial, there are limits to patients’ efforts. In such cases, our dental practitioner can help by scraping away the stubborn deposits on teeth, which is the only guaranteed way to keep tooth decay at bay.

We highly recommend dental checkups because they can help catch oral health problems early. These appointments also allow patients to get the dental care they need for their unique situations. For superior and personalised dental care, get in touch with us at Cowplain Dental Practice.


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