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What role does a dentist play in preventive dental care?

Like most other medical conditions, poor oral health issues require a suitably qualified dentist in Waterlooville to reliably identify early warning signs. Our experienced dentist at Cowplain Dental Practice, in addition to detecting possible problems, is also best situated to put in place effective measures to restore your full dental health. When patients wisely choose to be proactive about their oral health, they are able to benefit from short, uncomplicated and comparatively less expensive treatment plans.

Not every dental problem is accompanied by obvious early warning signs such as tooth sensitivity felt by a patient, or gum infections that can be seen and felt. A dentist in Waterlooville has the relevant skills, experience and credentials to examine structures in the mouth with an expert eye – knowing exactly what to look for and where to look. A common example would be in the case of oral cancer screenings, a patient will not know what signs they should be looking out for but a dental practitioner does.

Detecting worrying symptoms early allows a dental practitioner to provide preventive care that seeks to halt the progression of the problem, saving the patient from undue pain and the expense of complicated treatments.

The important role of preventive dental care in protecting oral health

Preventive dentistry takes a proactive approach to protecting full mouth function. Patients who visit a dental clinic for preventive dentistry treatments are less likely to need restorative treatments and can enjoy lifelong advantages of having their natural teeth intact.

An essential part of preventive dental care is professional deep cleaning treatments where a dental practitioner uses special dental instruments and medical-grade products to eliminate plaque and tartar from teeth and around the gum line. These cleanings when carried out regularly, will reduce the likelihood of infections that are a result of bacteria build-up.

Other preventive dentistry treatments offered at Cowplain Dental Practice include scheduled oral examinations and if necessary, dental X-rays which provide dental practitioners with better insight into the nature of a problem for a more accurate diagnosis.

The oral health of both adults and children benefit from preventive care. Adults keep the use of their natural teeth for as long as is possible, and in the case of children, a dentist can pick up any issues that may affect the healthy development of the child’s teeth, gums and jawbone.

Benefits of preventive dentistry include reduction in the likelihood of developing cavities, tooth decay and other tooth problems. A dentist can also identify dental problems such as gum disease and mouth cancers that require timely treatment for successful outcomes.

They can reduce dental problems in patients with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes.

Keep teeth and gums strong and healthy

Patients who are at high risk of developing problems with their oral health may be required to attend more frequent dental appointments. Our highly competent dentist in Waterlooville at Cowplain Dental Practice is a qualified and experienced professional dedicated to protecting your dental health. We have extensive experience in the field of general dentistry and preventive care. Make our dental clinic your preferred choice for your next dental consultation.


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