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The range of care we provide at Cowplain Dental

As a community dentist in Waterlooville, our community and the care or support we provide to it is all-important to our practice and everything we do.


Restoration work focuses on recovering lost functionality and restoring a patient's appearance. As the dentist at the heart of a tight-knit community, we focus on the fundamentals of restoration; inlays and onlays are probably our most popular modern treatment with them giving much of the functionality of a full Crown without so much of the burden. That said, another popular, modern and often used restorative is composite fillings, which have almost completely replaced metal amalgam in our clinic.


Although we are not orthodontic specialists, we do provide a range of orthodontic treatment for mild misalignment. This allows us to meet the majority of our patient’s needs and minimises referrals to those cases with the greatest need.

Replacement: for when restoration is not enough

When a tooth is permanently lost either by extraction or through some form of trauma, what is to be done with the result? And our answer not too long ago would have been to directly apply a bridge that was often wired to the adjacent teeth but this is no longer the case. Dental implants allow us to replace a lost tooth completely even if there is no remaining root; even teeth lost many years ago whose jaw socket will have closed can also be replaced.

Rejuvenation treatments

Rejuvenation treatments are all about going further than just going to need.

Obviously, the main priority is to address any underlying clinical issues, so if there is active decay or some form of clinical misalignment, it is important that they are treated by their relative specialities (general dental teams or orthodontists) before pursuing a rejuvenating treatment.

That said, we see the role of the dentist in Waterlooville as beyond the simple medical need and going more towards meeting the wishes and demands of our patients. If some aspects of natural ageing can be minimised or made less intrusive in our everyday lives, we see no reason why that shouldn't be made available to our local community.

Our commitment to the newest and most convenient treatment in this area of dentistry has led us to implement a CEREC system. It allows us to take many of the tasks traditionally performed in a dental laboratory into the clinic and run them automatically in parallel with the dental treatment. CEREC is most useful in dental veneers or other forms of partial crowning, as a three-dimensional model is taken of the patient's tooth and the necessary prosthetic can be rapidly designed before being fitted in our clinic as you sit in the chair. This has allowed us to take many dental procedures that would traditionally be performed over multiple sessions (with several weeks between them) to be condensed down to a single visit on a single day.

If you have more questions about if we can meet your treatment needs or how our in-clinic dental fabrication services can speed up your treatment, please feel free to get in contact with the dentist in Waterlooville clinic.


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