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Signs you need to see our emergency dentist in Waterlooville

Do you have a toothache that is becoming distracting? Or did one of your fillings fall out this morning when you were brushing your teeth?

If the answer is yes, then you need emergency dental care!

At Cowplain Dental Practice, our dentist in Waterlooville can offer emergency dental care to all our patients, helping you to get rid of any discomfort and get yourself back on track as soon as possible.

Still unsure whether you need to see our emergency dentist in Waterlooville? Here are 5 of the top signs you should not ignore!


It’s not a surprise to anyone that a toothache is a good reason to seek out our dentist in Waterlooville.

But if you notice a sensation in your mouth that is sensitive to temperature, pressure, or feels like a bruise, then it is likely that you have a dental infection, and you should call us immediately.

If left untreated, a dental infection can lead to life-threatening sepsis, so don’t risk it!


Swelling to the face, under the chin, in the mouth or under a tooth needs to be examined as soon as possible, even if it isn't causing discomfort. Swelling can point to anything from a dental abscess to an impacted tooth, and so, you need to have any lumps or swollen areas explored for a quick diagnosis and a less invasive procedure.

Lost restoratives

Fillings and crowns are the cornerstones of restorative dentistry.

Unfortunately, they are not invulnerable and can crack, become loose and even fall out altogether. If any of this happens to you, then you need to call us for an emergency appointment. A lost filling or crown can be very uncomfortable and, even if it isn’t, it still needs refilling or refitting promptly to prevent decay from occurring.

Cracks and chips

More common in children and those who play games like rugby, cracks to the enamel and chips to the teeth may not seem like a dental emergency, but they do require prompt attention.Why? Because the surface of an undamaged tooth is smooth, and if there is a crack, it acts as a magnet for food debris. Once in the crack, it can be tough to remove, and thus, decay can set in. A similar issue occurs with chips.

So, to avoid this, as soon as you notice a crack or chip in your teeth, contact our emergency team for a same-day appointment.


If you have an oral bleed, chances are you have recently been playing a contact sport or have had a dental extraction. And in such instances, a bit of blood is normal and to be expected. But too much blood needs emergency attention. How much blood is too much? Have you been applying pressure to the area and the bleeding isn’t slowing? Have you gone through multiple pieces of gauze? Has it been 20 minutes or more?

If the answer to the previous questions is yes, then you need to see our emergency team as soon as possible so that we can stem the bleeding.


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