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Signs that tell you it is time to schedule a consultation with a dentist

In our long years of experience in the dental industry, we have found that it is common practice for patients not to appreciate their oral health, until that is, they are in excruciating pain or discomfort and are unable to bite or chew food.

Neglecting your oral health can, over time, necessitate the need for expensive restorative or cosmetic dental treatment. Due to losing their natural teeth, patients not liking the look of a gap in their smile or who want to once again eat their favourite foods (and can only do so with a full set of teeth) have to consider artificial teeth restoration solutions which can be quite costly. By looking after the health of your teeth with regular professional dental care from a dentist in Waterlooville

, you can avoid the need for these types of treatments.

A patient can never be quite certain of their oral health until a dentist in Waterlooville carries out a proper comprehensive assessment that looks at all the structures of the mouth as well as the neck. In conducting a check-up with a new patient, our competent dentist in Waterlooville may ask for details regarding other medical conditions, as some chronic disorders are known to affect oral health and increase the patient’s risk for certain dental problems such as gum disease.

A dental check-up is one of the more common health-related appointments that patients often skip out on, but this behaviour should be avoided at all costs. If you have not visited our dental clinic for some time, and experience one of the following signs, it is time to call us to book a consultation.

Signs that indicate your oral health needs to be checked


One of the first indications that all is not well with your teeth, are toothaches. Tooth pain is caused by an underlying problem that in most cases, exists beneath the gum line and is not visible to the naked eye.

Bleeding gums

This is another highly visible sign that should never be ignored. Bleeding gums signal a red flag that needs to be treated by a qualified dental practitioner. We urge patients to arrange for a dental check-up as soon as possible, as problems with the gums are a serious issue, but with preventive care, patients can regain their gum health successfully.

Discoloured teeth

A common cause of tooth discolouration is consuming foods and drinks that are known to cause staining, but there are also other dental problems that cause discolouration including enamel wear. Only a dental practitioner can reliably identify the cause of discoloured teeth.

Extreme sudden sensitivity to hot and cold foods

If patients suddenly begin to experience tooth sensitivity, this may indicate a deeper issue at play and they will need to see a dental practitioner to find the root cause.

Let our dedicated dentists at Cowplain Dental Practice look after the health of your mouth. Our friendly patient-focused approach to dental care will ensure your smile is kept happy and bright for life. Our dental team, as well as administration support team, go the extra mile for our patients which is why, we believe, we are widely renowned for the quality of dental care we provide.


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