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A long established dentist in Waterlooville

Any good business grows on recommendations and it is only over time that doing a job well earns a business a good reputation. It's exactly the same with the dental profession. If you perform the job well and deliver what you promise, you will earn the respect and admiration of your patients. As a dentist in Waterlooville for over fifty years we have earned a solid reputation for providing our patients with top-quality treatment and care. We are so highly regarded that we now only take new patients who have been recommended by existing patients and then only when a vacancy arises.

Why are we so highly recommended?

It's really all about treating our patients as we would like to be treated, we put ourselves in the shoes of our patients. Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring that from their first contact a patient feels welcome, relaxed and comfortable to be at the dental surgery. We also place a huge emphasis on family dental care, because most of our present day patients are the children of our initial patients who we treated fifty years ago and we aim to be treating our current patients’ children another fifty years on.

What is a family dentist?

As an established dentist in Waterlooville we decided very early on that we would concentrate on providing dental treatment for the whole family. We saw this as a way of growing through acceptance by the community, because of our service and quality treatment of patients. We soon learned that by providing a relaxed, welcoming approach and the best dental care available our patients would return to us for their treatment. Providing dental care for the whole family requires a more personal approach and as parents ourselves we understand how to deliver stress-free treatment to children as well as their parents. Treating children also requires some extra training in how best to provide that unique dental care they require. The other benefit of being a patient of a family dentist is that you will be treated by the same dentist from childhood to adulthood which goes a long way to making visits to the dentist a more pleasant experience. Another advantage is that the oral care and recommendations will be the same from being a child to becoming an adult, because it's the same dentist throughout so there will be no conflicting advice. The fact that a patient gets to know his dentist as a friend also allows the discussions regarding dental care to be more frank and honest resulting in better long-term dental health

More than just dental care

With our dentist in Waterlooville we believe that we have developed a business and dental model as beneficial as possible for patients. When a patient visits our surgery for the first time we demonstrate our care and attention to detail. We conduct a thorough oral examination with X-rays and an oral cancer screening with complete teeth, gums and jaw assessment. We also know how important diet is to the wellbeing of a patient's health, but also to their teeth, too much sugar in a diet will lead to tooth decay. We are dedicated to advising and providing care for our patients' teeth throughout their lifetime, so that they avoid major oral problems in the future.


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